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Veggie Care Shampoo

Veggie Care Shampoo


Mood have updated to a new packaging, so please note you may receive the new packaging or the old packaging, subject to stock availability!

This relaxing shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It gently cleanses, detangles and hydrates without altering the natural balance of the scalp. Ideal for fine hair as it is leightweight, and so wont weigh the hair down, helping your style last longer.

  • How To Use

    This shampoo is paraben and sulphate free meaning the hair will be left silky and smooth. This shampoo is perfect for dry, coily, curly, or coarse hair, as it helps to soften and moisturise the hair ensuring the locks are smooth and silky. Simply wet the hair down before applying a small amount of shampoo the hair and begin forming a lather. Once the head is thoroughly scrubbed, rinse out and repeat.

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