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Veggie Care Milk

Veggie Care Milk

200 Milliliters

Mood have updated to a new packaging, so please note you may receive the new packaging or the old packaging, subject to stock availability!

This non-rinse milk spray is suitable for all hair types and is gentle on the hair. Lightweight and detangling, it loosens knots for an easy comb though and leaves hair soft and shiny. Perfect for fine hair as its not heavy so doesnt weigh it down.

  • How To Use

    This product is perfect for helping detangle even the knottiest hair! After washing hair (ideally with our Veggie Care Shampoo and Conditioner) simple spray all over the hair before beginning to comb from ends to root using a detangle brush or wide tooth comb for the silkiest, freshest locks. This product can be used on all hair but is perfect for dry curly hair.

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